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I have been repairing and restoring clocks, phonographs and other antique or new devices for nearly 25 years using the expertise, tools and patience taught me by my father. Most people have some historical or sentimental attachment to their clocks and need to know they can trust the repair person to handle with care. I repair your clocks with the care and concern you and your time piece deserve.

Our Services

Cost Estimates

In all cases I provide an estimated cost to repair before any work begins and I always give the owner the option of saying OK or No Thanks. I don’t guess on the cost to repair. This estimate is provided free of charge with no obligation. Clocks are dropped off at my shop just west of Rapid City but please call ahead to schedule a drop off.

Antique Clocks

I repair all types of early American or foreign made clocks including wall clocks, mantle clocks, shelf clocks, kitchen clocks etc. In most cases the movement is disassembled, repaired, cleaned oiled and put back into top running order. Modest case work and restoration is also offered without destroying the historical appearance and value of the clock. You don’t want your old clock to look like its new!

Cuckoo Clocks

The black forest cuckoo clocks and others are intricate little machines with dancing dolls, music boxes, water wheels and many more animation features that are fun to work on. Most of the time the cuckoo clock movement needs to be cleaned and oiled or I need to replace worn bellows, broken chains or other mechanical defects. It always fun to watch these cuckoo clocks come back to life after the repairs are done.

Victrolas, slot machines and other fun stuff

I have repaired numerous windup phonographs including the early cylinder players. I have also repaired Swiss music boxes and recently an antique slot machine. I suppose I’m the mechanical version of the computer geek!

How to Take Care of Your Clock

Over the many years of repairing and restoring people’s clocks, I find that a lot of folks have lost, misplaced or never had the original directions to guide them on “Good Clock Care” for their time piece. This PDF is a document you can download called “Generic Notes on Good Clock Care” to help in the care and operation of your treasure.

About Us

As far back as I can remember my dad was always working on someone’s clock, Victrola, player piano or whatever needed fixing. I spent countless hours watching him and pestering and asking stupid questions. I decided along the way I needed a Mechanical Engineering degree from the South Dakota School of Mines and practiced my engineering profession for 50 years. I started repairing clocks on my own after my dad passed away in 1995 but limited my clock repair business activity until I retired from engineering in 2016. Now I run a few ads, have this website and a Facebook page and work from the shop I have set up in my home just west of Rapid City. I have repaired clocks as old as 1729 and as new as the modern Howard Miller clocks or Black Forest Cuckoo clocks. My customers range from Denver, CO to Williston, ND and from Gillette, WY to Sioux Falls. I practice this trade because Duff’s Clock Repair is fun and rewarding!

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